Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cool TV

Yesterday, as I was waiting to watch "Outnumbered" on PBS, I skipped into "Cool TV," which is a channel reminiscent of MTV back when it didn't emit such a garbagey stank of decomposition, but instead showed music videos.  Granted, these Cool TV videos usually involve neon and lasers, but once in awhile you find something as surprising as a 20 in your winter coat pocket.

Like this video for R.E.M.'s "End of the World."

I didn't immediately recognize the song, but stopped at the channel because of the image of the boy in the abandoned house with the photo of the boy.  When I figured it out, I had to catch my breath.  What a perfectly disjointed experience: life. A boy on the floor with his dog.  A toy snake.  Riding a wall. Conducting music to sheep...  So much energy in the abandon of it.

Sometimes I think TV is junk, and I don't want to eat it, but feel sad, so I do.  Today, Cool TV was like drinking a kale smoothie after a day of donuts.

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