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"Three Days After My Mom Starts Hospice, My Son Can't Sleep," winner of the AWP Intro Journal Prize, Mid-American Review. Forthcoming.

"The Mannequin Leaves the Hospital for the Last Time Happy," North American Review. Forthcoming.

"Haunted," "Two Months Before My Son Leaves for Belgium, We Visit the Zoo," (reprinted) & "The Mannequin Refreshes the Facebook Mom Group While Sitting on the Toilet," along with an essay at Brain Mill Press pop-up magazine/Voices. 

"Haunted," "Two Months Before My Son Leaves for Belgium, We Visit the Zoo," & "My Mother the Mannequin." Prairie Schooner. Winter 2021.

"Splendor," Poetry Northwest. Spring 2019.

"Ode to Foodstamps," Crab Orchard Review. Winter 2019.

"Time of My Life,Rattle. Winter 2018.

"Reflex,Aquifer: The Florida Review Online. Winter 2018.

"Rabbit in the Road," Bramble. Fall 2017.

"On My Way Home," Sugar House Review. Summer 2017.

"Confessional" & "Controlled Burn," Arkansas International. Spring 2017.

"Watching Nature on PBS," New Ohio Review. Fall 2016. 

"Self-Portrait as a Cat Trapped in a Motel Room," The Journal. Summer 2016.

"Abandoned Nest," Salamander. Spring/Summer 2016.

"All-Inclusive Trip to the Land of Milk & Honey," Sycamore Review. Winter 2015.

"Detour," Boxcar Poetry Review. Winter 2015.

"In the Beginning" & "On the Eve of the Death of the Patron Saint of Those Whose Lives are Lost to Something Science Can't Explain,Memorious Journal. Summer 2015.

"Camouflage," Tinderbox. Spring 2015

"Home (iv)" & "Growing Season,The Harlequin. Winter 2014.

"When We Were Prey to Nothing" & "Maps of Places Drawn to Scale," The Adroit Journal. Spring 2015.

Preserving,” Best New Poets Anthology of 2013. Fall 2013.

Wait in the Bathtub & It Will Carry You” & “In Which I Hoard the Air Escaping," Post Road. Fall 2013.

Muss Es Sein? Es Muss Sein!” & “Retrospective,” Hayden’s Ferry Review. Fall 2013.

but I to you of a white goat,” “If December,” & “Encourage Birds," Vinyl Poetry. Spring 2013.

At the Periphery, Where Life Hums," Verse Wisconsin. Spring 2013.

If You Give a Chimp a Gin and Tonic,” “A Drain Full of Eels,” & “Apple Picking,” Eleven Eleven. Winter 2013.

Painting the Garage” & “Bake Sales, Anyway,” Midwestern Gothic. Winter 2013.

Unfurling," Linebreak. December 2012.

Nothing to Undo That Can’t Be Done Again” & “Chateaubriand,” Kenyon Review Online. Winter 2012.

Krakow & “Dear Abby,” Barnstorm. Winter 2012.

Itch,” Cimarron Review. Fall 2011. 

Commuting” & “Screening,” Breakwater Review. September 2010. 

Condemned,” The Watermark. Vol. xviii, 2009.

Driving in the Rain,” Fox Cry Review. Vol. 30, 2004.


"The Mannequin Refreshes the Facebook Mom Group While Sitting on the Toilet," "My Mother The Mannequin," & an essay: "The Body as Testing Grounds." In the Tempered Dark: Contemporary Poets Transcending Elegy. Black Lawrence Press. Winter 2024.

"Krakow," "Itch," "Unfurling," "Bake Sales, Anyway," "Preserving," & an essay: "Rod McKuen Saves the World.Poets on Growth. Math Paper Press.  Summer 2015.

"Itch," New Poetry from the Midwest. New American Press. Spring 2015.

Water, Water Everywhere” & “Alarm,” Echolocations Anthology. Cowfeather Press. Fall 2013



Terrible, Awful Beauty” and three poems. Brain Mill Press pop-up magazine/Voices. April 2021. 

Interview with Michael Bazzett for Arts + Literature Laboratory

"Rod McKuen Saves the World (Why I Write Poems)"

"Conversation with Kenyon Review"

PERMS (short fiction), Mary Journal, St. Mary College. Spring 2006.

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