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Workshops, Coaching, Consultations

Intertextual & Visual Poetry Workshop

Shakerag Alley, Mineral Point, WI

Fri, October 6, 2023, 1-4pm

Many of us turn to poetry to explore the complications of life, language, and emotion. But what happens when we can’t find the right words to capture the complex energy of a mood or moment? In this workshop, we’ll consider how incorporating visual art and other texts can add texture and tactility to our work. Through erasure, palimpsest, and visual poetry, we’ll map out the potential of the page and discover how much more dynamic our ideas become when in conversation with others. In addition to guided writing prompts, we’ll read and discuss successful intertextual and visual/hybrid poems for inspiration. Ideal for poets at all stages and particularly useful for discovering new ways into a subject or teasing out new lines of thought.

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WORKSHOP: Turning the Corner:

Exploring & Creating Poems of Transition

I'm excited to offer this virtual workshop through Write-On Door County in June! I can't imagine a more appropriate time to explore and write about transitions. The reading list includes Ross Gay, Laura Kasischke, Craig Morgan Teicher, and more! 

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I love helping writers at all stages of their journey and offer manuscript consultations, feedback on individual poems, guidance on writing projects, and help navigating publication paths. If you are looking for an enthusiastic set of eyes on your work, I'll show up for that! 

I have over ten years of experience as an editor and reader for numerous journals, anthologies, and writing contests. In addition to my first book of poems, I've published widely in literary magazines and anthologies. Throughout my career, I've created and taught a variety of community-based workshop, undergraduate creative writing courses, and given craft talks and lectures on topics ranging from publication and poetic technique to choosing MFA programs and writing cover letters. 

Manuscript Consultations


Manuscript consultations include:

*A detailed, written summary of how the manuscript is working as a whole, including feedback on structure, order, themes, and movement.

*Discussion of the strongest/weakest poems in the collection.

*Comments and line edits on individual poems where needed.

*Comments and suggestions on titles as needed.

*A conversation via email or video to discuss the comments and any questions you have.

Full-length manuscript (45-80 pages): $350.
Chapbook (16-44 pages): $250.

If you're primarily concerned about order and would prefer less-detailed feedback on individual poems, I'm happy to discuss other options.

Feedback on Poems

One of my favorite pastimes is closely reading poems (whose isn't?)—looking at them word-by-word, line-by-line, figuring out how they do what they do. This is what I'll do with a packet of your poems. I'll look for the magic, the music, the images, and provide written feedback for revision. When you get your poems back, I'll answer any questions you have and happily look at a second draft.

5 pages: $75.
10 pages: $135.

Publication Consultations

Not sure what to do with your poems after you've revised them? I can take a look at your poems when you think they're ready and help you prepare them for submission to literary magazines. I’ll provide a list of journals, tips on tracking submissions, best practices for submitting, sample cover letters, and address questions you have.

Fee: $75.


Want to do all the things? We’ll work one-on-one to help you grow as a writer. This includes any of the services above, as well as conversations about book prizes or contest applications, tips for revision, suggested reading, generative writing exercises, etc. You bring questions, I will answer them! We’ll arrange a monthly time to video chat that works for you.

Fee: $75/hr.









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